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Cycling is an enjoyable and useful physical activity that their fans provides maximum pleasure as they move by nature, and our location makes it possible. In our immediate vicinity on the slopes of the park Medvednica you can use below mentioned routes. To the same you can get from us.

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Golf as one of the oldest sports in history, creates a pleasant atmosphere in an oasis of nature, friendship, sport and active holiday. Only 5 miles from us, you can enjoy all the charms of the same at the golf club Ban Jelacic.

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Skiing is a unique activity in which a specific level of fitness elegant descent down the slopes gives full pleasure in the beautiful snowy landscape. To make this trip come true, only 20 km away is the ski resort Sljeme with a total length of track around 4 km. Prices of tickets for the ski lift is located at the following link


Fishing is relaxing activity in the nature. Outsmarting and capturing fishes are reasons why every fisherman proudly takes a photo with his catch. To feel this, only 200 meters from us there are two rivers - Sava and Krapina where you can throw your hook. Also, 500 m from us are artificial lake Zajarki and little lakes that represent an ideal place for fishermans.


Tennis as the most common form of recreation and one of the most popular sports will allow you to stay in shape. It is the ideal way to leave the stress and to improve the quality of your life. To realize that, only 2 km from us there are tennis courts that will be helpful in that. All of them can be found at the following links:


Only 3 miles from us there is Westgate shopping city with more than 240 shops and 22 cafes and restaurants, 4,000 m² children's amusement park which can be used free of charge, as well as numerous attractive offers for the whole family. Next to the 3.3 km window, you can follow a variety of top international and Croatian brands, some of them for the first time in the Croatian market. Come and experience a real pleasure to shop!

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Only 4 km away from us there is a horsemen hurdles that will provide you memorable experience in nature. Therefore, ride horses and do something useful for your health. This will raise your level of psycho-physical abilities and you will become more satisfied with you and your own body.


Climbing is going out into nature and movement on the fresh mountain air. It represents an active way of rest, that despite the physical effort invested, meets you with new strength and satisfaction. Therefore start your route from our doors and discover mountain Medvednica and the legendary Stone Weddings that rise 350 meters above Jablanovac villages and learn about this legend.

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Only 15 km away there is a cave Veternica that was protected by law as a geomorphological natural monument in 1979. The entrance to the cave is situated on the sea level of 320 m high. The total length so far excavated channel is 7128 m, and a length of the main channel is 2622 m. The total vertical difference is more than 200 m long. For visitors there is settled 380 m of the cave. Visit us and enjoy the magic of the same!

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